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The experts at Pinch A Penny can help you with all your pool care needs. We offer a variety of services including weekly cleaning and maintenance, equipment installation and repair, leak detection, and resurfacing. Our techs are fully trained to provide you with best-in-class service so you can enjoy the most out of your swimming pool. Scroll down for a full description of each service, and then fill out this form to contact us for a quote. Services offered vary by location.

Pool Service Cleaning, Install, & Repair

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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Customized pool service plans to fit every pool

It doesn't matter whether you need a little help or a lot, Pinch A Penny certified experts are standing by to take the work out of owning a swimming pool! Our techs are fully trained to provide you with best-in-class service so you can get the most out of your swimming pool. Get a quote today to find out more about our pool cleaning and service plans* including chemical only, chemical and service and full service.

*Pricing and service plans vary by location.

Equipment Installation & Repair

We'll handle all your pool equipment needs

Fully trained and equipped Pinch A Penny techs service and repair all brand-name pool equipment. Everything from pumps, filters and motors to salt chlorine systems, heaters, automatic pool cleaners, pool lighting and bulb replacement as well as automation systems.

Leak Detection

We've got the knowledge to stop leaks fast

There are a few places where your pool may have a leak, including around the skimmer, drain or tile. Certain surfaces may also leak through cracks in the finish or tears in the vinyl. To find the source of the leak, we use listening equipment, pressure testing and dye tests. While some issues can be fixed on the spot, some may need more work. Your Pinch A Penny expert can detail repair costs and procedures based on the size, type and location of the leak.

Pool Renovations

We bring new life to your old pool

If you’re seeing hollow spots, chips, tears or cracks in your pool finish, it may be time to resurface. First, your local Pinch A Penny pool expert will drain the pool. Then, they’ll remove the old surface, prep the area and apply the new material. We make this process as smooth as possible so you can get back to swimming and enjoying your pool.

Landscape Lighting

Experience the power of professional landscape lighting

Professional landscape lighting can add detail and depth to any yard or home. Whether it’s simple path lighting or a custom package consisting of a variety of products, lighting can make a home more safe, secure and beautiful. Upgrade the look of your walkway, exterior, yard or patio. Many options are available to fit any preference. Contact us to schedule a FREE design consultation!

Pressure Washing

Remove rust, algae & dirt from around your home

Keep your pool deck, lanai, or patio looking fresh and clean. Power washing by the experts at Pinch A Penny can help prevent decaying of materials and add life to hard exterior surfaces around your swimming pool. Whether it’s tile, wood, stone, concrete pavers or some other type of surface, the right pressure washing treatment can work wonders. Get a free estimate and we will evaluate if this is the best method for you!

Acid Washing

Give your pool a deep clean

If your pool has stains that cannot be eliminated through chemical treatment of the water, an acid wash may be necessary to restore the look of your swimming pool. Concrete, gunite, marcite and other exposed aggregate swimming pool surfaces are candidates for acid washing. The experts at Pinch A Penny will drain your pool, then clean and wash the surface with a special acid mixture which will help return it to a much more appealing finish.

Karen P.

If I could give 10 stars I would. You guys are the best. Highly recommend this place!

Steve C.

The people here are all Top Notch Professionals, they take the time to listen to you and then come up with a plan that works to fix whatever problem you might have with your pool or equipment.